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Extended School Provision

Fit4schools provide intervention support along with breakfast, lunchtime and afterschool provision.

Intervention Support

Children identified by the school or through our fit4schools programme have been working successfully in groups with our coaches focusing on their specific needs. This support can develop and improve each individual child’s ability to progress in physical literacy.

  1.  Tailored and bespoke to suit children’s requirements
  2. SEN inclusion and participation focusing on gross motor skills
  3. Gifted and talented sessions focusing on fundamental movement skills with progression
  4. Groups to target social, emotional and behavioural aspects


Lunchtime Support

We’ve managed to upskill play leaders and demonstrate how to lead engaging activities to promote a positive active environment during lunch times. We’ve also successfully trained and supported pupils who have been chosen by the school to lead activities during lunch breaks. Behaviour management and activity strategies have been incorporated to make lunch times fun, engaging and safe. The strategies in place encourage active play and inclusion providing the opportunity for all children to engage with physical activity.

Afterschool clubs

We’re always enthusiastic in providing children with opportunities to participate in sporting activities and clubs regardless of their ability or social circumstances. Our coaches deliver a wide range of activities to optimise participation and take ownership of registration and dismissal at the end of the session.

Costs of these services can be incorporated with our PPA and CPD services in an effort to assist your school budget and maximise your sport premium funding.

Breakfast Clubs

Providing children with engaging activities to stimulate the body and mind ready for the school day. Our staff are trained to work with groups of children of different ages and abilities to incorporate an inclusive and positive environment aiding children’s development first thing in the morning.

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The PE lessons led by fit4schools are engaging and fun. The children have really developed and love taking part in learning new skills. They have also improved their health and fitness with the fit4schools programme and enjoy the challenge of trying to beat their previous scores! Jane Livingstone, PE Coordinator at Forestdale Primary School