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WOW Active Physical Activity Programme

Welcome to WOW Active

The WOW Active Physical Activity Programme has been developed to improve children’s physical literacy and activity levels. Designated to be fully inclusive and support every child to achieve their personal best scores, the programme can be delivered by the WOW Active team or run independently by schools.


Teachers can access Ofsted compatible data and reports after every assessment to help support, monitor and assess each child throughout the year.
Reports identify a range of data including how individual pupils, classes, Gender, Key Stage, Pupil Premium, SEN and EAL groups are performing.
The online software enables children to access their results and download challenge cards to practice both in school and at home.

With thousands of individual success stories to date, we are proud to report unprecedented results for our partner schools. Our research backed performance measured programme is guaranteed to make a significant impact in the overall levels of health, fitness and wellbeing.

The impact you will see:

  1. Engagement of all pupils in physical activity
  2. An average overall school improvement of 24.7%
  3. Schools will be able to monitor, track and assess every individual child’s progress
  4. An increase in children participating in fitness activities becoming more accountable of their health and fitness
  5. Parents will be encouraged to support their children at home using the resources on the secure online portal

In many cases the children that make the biggest improvements are often those that are least able in sports and would perhaps not normally engage with PE.

Benefits for class teachers include:

  1. Personal user access to our online portal
  2. Easily track, monitor and assess each individual child
  3. Compare class average scores with the fit4schools national average
  4. Identify groups requiring intervention support
  5. Access certificate feedback sheets provided to help form end of year reports
  6. Make personal comments in recognition of the individual child’s achievement

Why not run fit4schools support days?

Alongside the WOW Active physical activity programme, fit4schools provide support days to both challenge and inspire children to participate in new activities. Whether this be boxercise sessions, inter school competitions, nutrition workshops or even a game of Quidditch – we have a variety of activities that can be booked at any time throughout the year!

Ideal Staff CPD opportunities: why not use the day to include teachers and focus on areas of the curriculum whereby teachers can develop their subject knowledge and learn new teaching strategies.

See the WOW Active programme in action
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Fit4schools provided workshops across the school to support the children’s understanding of food and nutrition.  Fit4schools staff helped the children  link their physical fitness to diet as they were able to discuss the impact of food on performance. The staff were knowledgeable and engaging – as a result we have rewritten our food and nutrition policy inspired by the workshops. Ruth Leach, Headteacher, St Blaise C of E School